Taylor Swift, Jeopardy

Jeopardy; Martin Karius/REX/Startraksphoto.com

Jeopardy's clue: "2009's best female country vocal went to her for 'White Horse,' where (SHOCKER!) she goes off on an ex-boyfriend."

Our answer [buzz]: "What is a really sick burn on Taylor Swift, Alex?"

Yesterday's broadcast of the game show featured T.Swift as an answer, and the hint seemed to slam her habit of, hmm, how shall we put this? Taking inspiration from past relationships.

Meanwhile, Wheel of Fortune was all, "It's all Harry Styles' fault!"

Fun fact: The ex-boyfriend in the "White Horse" music video is played by Stephen Colletti. Good for you, Laguna Beach!

And Alex? You bet your Daily Double that there's a special place in Hell for you too.

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