Mar 13, 2013 | Bangs or no??!?!?! by KimKardashian on

To cut bangs or not to cut bangs? That is Kim Kardashian's question.

Kim Kardashian, Bangs


The pregnant E! star took to Keek today as she agonized over whether or not to change up her hair with some blunt bangs. It's a style that she has rocked before—in fact, Kim tweeted some pics of her old hairstyle not more than a month ago and asked her followers if she should go back to the ways of the bangs.

"I can't decide!" worries Kim in her first video, as she attempts to get some guidance from Kris Jenner over the phone.

Mar 13, 2013 | Decisions decisions... by KimKardashian on

In her second video, Kim gets input from stylists George and Phillip. "Phillip says you should never listen to a pregnant woman...when you want a major change," says Kim. "But I feel like I need a change."

With that, Phillip takes the shears to Kim's hair, and by the end of her third video, Kim's decision is made!

Mar 13, 2013 | We did it! by KimKardashian on

"What if I got so emotional and started hysterically crying?" joked Kim as Phillip snipped away. Don't worry, Kim; we think the new look is totally fab!

Tune in to E! on Sundays for all-new episodes of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami at 9/8c!

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