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It's safe to say Lily Allen's not in hog heaven right now.

The "It's Not Me, It's You" singer is lashing out at "hippies" and "vegan loonies" after getting raked over the coals on Twitter by animal rights activists upset by her supposed plan to slaughter a pig meant to help raise money for charity.

"Jesus.f--king.christ. Some of these vegans are loonies, more vitriolic than the most misguided of Cheryl's Soldiers," Allen tweeted Monday under her married name, Lily Cooper.

She added: "So if the hippies could just get off my back, I'd be very grateful. Ta. x."

The British hitmaker has been the subject of criticism the last few weeks ever since she offered to name a swine after one lucky Netizen if he or she joined her #twittermillion team and donate to her Red Nose Day page as part of an annual fundraising effort by Comic Relief. Allen also promised to send the winner "some sausages once the pig has reached its end."

That didn't go over well with animal lovers, a number of whom sent her nasty tweets and texts, prompting the 27-year-old crooner to plead for a halt to the abuse and clarify that she was really only joking (her efforts are on behalf of Comic Relief, after all).

"Can people stop tweeting me about slaughtering a pig for charity! I keep pigs that are bred for the purpose of eating,I don't see the problem," she wrote in a barrage of posts yesterday. "One vegetarian follower suggested that I offer the winner the chance to spare the pig so everyone could be involved. In retrospect, I could have been more sensitive. I hope that gives some clarity on the matter. I never said and I never would kill anything for charity or otherwise."

She stated for the record: "I just want to clear something up, i am NOT slaughtering a pig for charity, our pigs were always going to be slaughtered, and eaten."

Allen also suggested that vegetarians out there "can choose to spare the pig. #twittermillion JOIN MY TEAM!!!!"

When asked for comment, a rep for PETA told E! News that while Allen may have good intentions, she's not listening to her fans.

"Pigs are social, playful, protective, and more intelligent than dogs. Today, more and more people strive to be kind and are looking at their food choices as a place to start—so with her odd desire to kill a pig for charity, Lily is wildly out of step with her fans, who would rather help people without harming animals," said a spokeswoman.

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