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I know she was joking, but...could Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobs really be worth $5 million? I mean, they're priceless to me, but, you know.
—Clan B., via Twitter

Indeed, the Client List star was joking when she said recently that her chest could be insured for $2.5 million per bosom. But don't be shocked if they actually are insured, or will be someday soon.

Because, insiders tell me, this stuff actually happens. More often than you may think. We're talking multi-million-dollar policies...paid by people you might not expect.

Right now, the actress stars in The Client List, which is doing very well for Lifetime.

Does that show earn Hewitt $5 million a year? Maybe not.

But does Hewitt's rack contribute to much of the overall work she gets and the offers she fields? Could she stand to lose $5 million in jobs if some disfigurement befell to her lovely lady lumps?

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Well, given how much lingerie she wears in The Client List, it's possible.

"If a star has large income potential tied up in a specific body part, it's very possible," says Lori Shaw, director of the Global Entertainment Group at Aon Risk Solutions.

After all, let's remember that a few short years ago, Hewitt was making $6.5 million a year, making her one of TV's highest-earning women.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, The Client List


As for who might pay to protect Hewitt's chest...well, I've said it before: Stars rarely pay for anything themselves, and insurance policies are often footed by the people who stand to lose the most: production companies, corporate sponsors, yadda yadda.

Hence the $1 billion policy that Gillette reportedly took out on Mariah Carey's legs when she signed on to represent their razors. Heidi Klum's gams were insured for $2 million for a while via razor brand Braun. A tooth whitening company once bought a $10 million smile insurance policy for America Ferrera.

Even Troy Polamalu, that richly coiffed NFL player, had his hair insured for $1 million via sponsor Head & Shoulders shampoo.

Suddenly, a $5 million boob policy doesn't seem so crazy, does it?

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