Oceans Eleven, Honeymoon in Vegas, Rain Man

Warner Bros.; Castlerock; United Artists

It's just silly to say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. If that were true, then none of us would know about that naked guy who sprang out of a trunk in The Hangover, or that 84-part casino heist committed by George Clooney and his 10 pretty friends.

Hangover 3 Poster

Warner Bros.

What's great about Vegas stories is that they beg, more than any other kind of movie, to be repeated. They're just that weird and juicy and bigger than life...the kinds of stories that make you want to text your friends immediately and say, OMG THAT GUY JUST VOLUNTEERED TO GET TASERED.

And if that isn't enough evidence for you, consider: The upcoming third installment of the Hangover franchise has recently shot new scenes in—you guessed it—Vegas, baby, Vegas!

And while we're waiting for the comedy to come out, we've compiled a list of our favorite movies about Vegas. How does it match up to yours?

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