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Getting everyone from The Bachelor together in one room for a mini reunion is always fun. And by fun, we mean dramatic. 

During tonight's Women Tell All, a lot of eyes were focusing on the resident mean girl from this season, Tierra, who surprisingly made the attempt to wipe her slate clean and explain to America that they may have had the wrong perception of her. 

Except when that chance came, she ended up digging a deeper hole. Host Chris Harrison asked Tierra if she had any regrets or wanted to apologize for anything this past season, and her answer didn't sit well with the other women.

"Off the top of my head, no. There's nothing that I can say to apologize for because there's nothing that I feel that I did to these girls intentionally or that I said bad about them," she said.

The Bachelor, Tierra


"If I did say anything bad about anybody here, please tell me and bring it to my attention and give me an example, because honestly, I didn't say one bad thing about any one of these girls."

Ask and you shall receive, Tierra. Robyn, who continuously had issues with the newly engaged reality star, said she thought Tierra was "delusional," while many of the other women recalled moments when she was very unfriendly toward them. 

Harrison made sure to address Tierra's blowout with AshLee in St. Croix—and the fact that Tierra felt she was being bullied and lied to by AshLee when she asked if she brought her up to Sean. 

"It's your character, you can't just bash on people like that," AshLee responded. "We watched the show. Clearly, that's not what happened and that's not fair for you to straight call me a liar to my face."

In an effort to save face, Tierra then stated, "All I can say is I apologize to all of you guys for you guys thinking that I didn't want to talk to you or I wasn't being friendly or I wasn't trying to be friends with you. Can I better myself? Absolutely. I think everybody can better themselves in life. Can I work on my flaws? Yes. But once again, I think I came into this really scared and I didn't really know how to handle it, and I guess I handled it in a bad way, and I apologize."

Viewers also got an update from fan-favorites, Sarah and Desiree. Luckily, both seemed to be in good spirits but still a little emotional about what happened—surely rewatching a montage of their time with Sean didn't help—but they learned from the experience.

Sarah mentioned that she now knows it's OK to be vulnerable and open up to people, while Des is going to stop over-thinking things—possibly when she becomes the new Bachelorette?

And then it was time for Sean to join the women, and finally (hopefully) get some closure from AshLee, the last woman to not be given a rose and had a quick and quiet exit.

But just before Sean's entrance, AshLee revealed that because of what he would tell her during their dates, she thought she "got this," and then was completely thrown off when she wasn't given the rose. 

"I didn't know what to say to him, to be just blindsided and just wiped away like nothing," she said of her exit.

Sean tried to explain his reasoning when he sat down with AshLee, telling her, "Honestly, going into that day, I've never been more stressed out because I knew I was gonna break your heart, I knew that's the last thing I wanted to do. From day one, you were my frontrunner. When I pictured my life with someone, it was usually you because everything seemed to match up with," but when it came down to it, Lowe said, "There were times that I felt like I couldn't find that laughter with you."

She seemed to accept his answer, but then things turned ugly really quick, when AshLee tried calling him out on something she claims he told her during their last date together.

"Why did you say you had absolutely no feelings for them," she asked him, referencing Lindsay and Christina. Sean quickly denied it, telling her, "I didn't say that. I wouldn't say that."

They kept going back and forth about it and it got awkward, and nothing got resolved. So much for getting closure.

Get ready for a three-hour finale of The Bachelor next week!

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