Can Tom Cruise save Earth?

He's fought off nasty E.T.'s before in War of the Worlds, but the trailer for his latest sci-fi extravaganza, Oblivion, now in the wild (via Apple's iTunes), finds the former Top Gunner facing some seriously risky business indeed.

Cruise plays Jack—no, not Jack Reacher, but this time Jack Harper, a former Marine commander whose job according to the clip is to provide "security and drone maintenance" after the planet was destroyed in an alien invasion 60 years prior.

His mission, however, is upended when a 22-year-old mysterious beauty played by Olga Kurylenko crash-lands in her spacecraft, prompting Jack to learn that old Hollywood cliché—things aren't always as they seem.

By the looks of things, Cruise's character has his work cut out for him to learn the truth after meeting Malcolm Beech, the leader of an insurgent group played by Morgan ("The Explainer") Freeman, who proceeds to tell Jack he's been watching him and that Jack's been "lied to" by his employers and soon "will join the others."

At that point, lots of futuristic action kicks in, including some pretty crazy drone warfare, and what appears to be Malcolm's attempt to lead a revolution against their (alien?) oppressors, presumably with Jack's help.

Oblivion, directed by Tron: Legacy's Joseph Kosinski, will unspool exclusively in IMAX Theaters on April 12, one week ahead of its scheduled wide release on April 19.

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