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The Saturdays finally got to go back home to London this week, and that meant that Una Healy finally got to be with Ben and Aoife Belle. All together in the same room. No Skype - a dream come true!

There's just one problem: Ben's ankle. Being a rugby player, Ben often gets injured, but Una believes this one might be really serious. Her fears are confirmed when it turns out that Ben has to have surgery.

Meanwhile, Rochelle and Marvin are having trouble finding a new home after their dream house went to someone else. They check out a couple of places, but nothing feels right. Will they ever find the right spot?

Mollie has an awkward week back home, as Frankie invites her and a friend, Calvin, out to lunch. Here's the awkward part: Frankie never shows up! That leaves Mollie and Calvin to sit uncomfortably as they realize that Frankie is trying to set them up. Will Mollie ever find the right man?

And as for Una, will she ever find the right balance between family and work? As the episode ends, Una is left considering whether she should stay to take care of Ben after his ankle operation, which would mean leaving the band when they travel back to the States.

Tune in every Sunday at 10pm for new episodes of Chasing The Saturdays and find out what Una decides!

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