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Sometimes a little healthy competition is a good thing. But when you have multiple members of this family competing, it can get a bit intense.

That's what Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick learned on this week's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. More than that, it turns out that inviting Bruce Jenner to participate in a sporting event can also lead to problems.

Of course, family is stronger than the will to win; but that didn't stop Bruce from butting heads with Scott and Kim while they prepared for the annual Miami Dragon Boat Race.


Don't Challenge Bruce, Don't Push Scott: Kim invited the family down to Miami to take part in the Dragon Boat Race, a charity event in which rowing teams compete. Kris, Kylie, Brandon and Leah Jenner all showed up, along with Bruce, to be on Kim and Kourtney's team, but there was an odd man out: Scott.

Scott didn't want to participate in the race to begin with, but things got worse when Bruce tried to push him and told him to "man up." Luckily, the two made up by the end of the episode when Bruce got Scott an RC motorboat.

Morning Sickness Does Not Always Equal Pregnant: Leah was feeling ill from the moment she got to Miami, so Kourtney assumed that it was morning sickness and that Leah was pregnant. A trip to the baby-supply store later, and it turned out that Kourtney had jumped to the wrong conclusion. "I love you, but I'm so not pregnant," said Leah. Whoops!

Never Betray the Family: At first, Kim was genuinely excited about the race. But when the family stopped taking it seriously and Bruce wouldn't let Kim coach him, things started to fall apart. It only got worse when Kanye West surprised Kim with a visit and Kim had to back out of the race.

The situation was looking up when Kim said that she could participate after all, but new team captain Bruce decided to teach her a lesson and not let her join. Never cross Kim, though: She showed up the day of the race with her own team!

The race was a close one (and Kim had a lot of strong-looking guys on her team), but somehow Team Bruce managed to win. The underdogs had their day, and Bruce made sure that Kim never heard the end of it.


"That's a bunch of people paddling around like lost people who fell off a big boat. I need speed, baby!" —Scott

"We'll have fun, but you also have to realize that winning is fun." —Bruce

"I truly do love every person in her family. It's just hard to love them all when they're in the same room." —Scott

"We just hit the Jamaican jackpot!" —Kris

"Kim has called a practice session on a conference table, pretending the table is a boat. Because she's crazy." —Kourtney

"That's one of Kanye's mottos: don't f--k with me" —Kim

"My whole life I lived by myself, now I have to live with 90 of you people" —Scott

Tune in Sundays at 9PM for more episodes of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, only on E!

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