Ben and Jerry's Liz Lemon Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's/NBC Universal

Liiiiiz Lemonnn! (You know, in Oprah's voice!)

But yes, Liz Lemon was unveiled tonight as the new 30 Rock-themed flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Or, more specifically, the Vermont-based company's line of Greek frozen yogurt.

That makes perfect sense. Really, what else could it be?! Yet, at the same time...we're just the teensiest bit let down, having been hoping for more of a Schweddy Balls-type push of the envelope.

Not that Liz Lemon doesn't sound delicious, the lemon-flavored Greek fro-yo with a blueberry-lavender swirl sounding rather like Tina Fey's character herself: Simple on the surface but more complex once you dig in.

Even better, it's for charity!

"Our new Liz Lemon flavor is dedicated to@jumpstartkids! An early education organization serving children in low-income neighborhoods!" Ben & Jerry's tweeted after the launch, which, less happily, coincided with the series finale of 30 Rock after seven seasons.

And what's sweeter than that? Look for it in stores in February.

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