Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan


Lindsay Lohan was back in court today. Even though, for a while, it seemed like that might not be the case.

Sure enough, wearing a demure black dress and black and white checkered Louboutin shoes, Lohan did arrive, albeit a bit late.

After Judge Stephanie Sautner allowed for Lohan's New York attorney, Mark Heller, to represent her, Sautner then set the deadline for pretrial motions to be filed for March 1.

"Thank you, your Honor. It is a great honor to appear in your court," Heller said to Sautner before mentioning how he knew that she used to be a NYPD detective.

"Flattery does not get you anywhere in this court," Sautner responded.

Heller then laid out his argument as to why he did not want Lohan to appear for further court hearings, noting, "I know there was some drama with her appearing today."

Sautner then turned to Lohan and said, "Glad to see you are feeling better today."

The judge proceeded to point out that Lohan was only ordered to be in court today for the substitution attorney matter (Heller is replacing Lohan's former attorney, Shawn Holley) and that Lohan will not be required to appear for the pretrial, but must be here for the trial, which is tentatively expected for March 18.

Lohan's probation remained revoked. The case will remain in Sautner's courtroom, but because Sautner is retiring March 1, another judge will take over.

Hours earlier, Lohan and her mom, Dina, touched down in Los Angeles, just in time for the court date. The actress had initially said she was too sick to fly and planned to skip on Wednesday's hearing, but obviously opted to make the trip from New York after all.

The actress is facing three misdemeanor counts involving a car crash last June. She was charged in the incident for willfully resisting, obstruction, providing false information to an officer and reckless driving. Lohan was still on probation for her misdemeanor jewelry theft case at the time of the accident, and due to the charges, the Los Angeles City Attorney moved to revoke Lohan's probation in December.

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