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Spoiler Alert! The following article contains spoilers on a lot of Tuesday nights' shows, so click away if you've yet to watch and don't want to know what went down! Seriously, if you complain about spoilers in the comments you are the peanut butter stuck on the roof of the TV world's mouth.

Is there anything better than a first kiss? Trick question: Almost anything is better than that painfully awkward, sloppy kiss we all endured, so let's rephrase: Is there anything better than a TV first kiss? When done right, it takes your breath away; it's a single moment that, in some show's cases, dozens of episodes have been building up to. Enter: New Girl's "Cooler," which finally took the next step with Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel). So was it worth the wait? 

Other big Tuesday night happenings include Spencer's (Troian Bellisario) breakdown on Pretty Little Liars, and more.

New Girl Finally Goes There: Three words changed everything: "Not like this." That's what Nick told Jess when they were being "forced" (Jess totally held up two fingers on purpose, right?) to kiss during an intense game of Strip True American. But no, a kiss didn't follow as Nick soon freaked out and escaped out of a window rather than tell Jess what he meant when he said that. Another three words soon followed. When Sam said Nick was missing out after he didn't kiss Jess, everyone's favorite bartender said, "I'm an idiot." GAH, am I right? 

Alas, 'twas not the end of Nick and Jess' interactions that night. After calling out for Nick—not Sam, which should tell you everything right there. Nick's her person—when she heard a scratch on the door, the two shared an awkward moment in front of their bedroom doors, the painful yet pleasant stalled goodnight we've all endured at some point in our lives. And then, after two seasons of build-up, Nick kissed Jess. Really kissed her, the kind of kiss that will keep her up at night, make her question her relationship with Sam. It changes everything, which makes it just as scary as it does thrilling for Jess, as well as for fans of the show. We're asking what the hell happens next, with equal amounts of dread and anticipation. Bonus points for this walkaway line from Nick: "I meant something like that." Dude's got game!

To sum up, we really loved and support this huge moment in the Nick and Jess relationship. It had guts. And totally joins the ranks of best first kisses on TV ever.

Toby's Worst Offense Yet: This week on Pretty Little Liars, a lot of stuff went down. Ezra found out he has a child! Because a devastated Spencer told him! And now he and Aria might be dunzo! (Yeah, right! I think the Show ships Ezra and Aria even more than the fans do.) Alison might've been pregnant! All this was shocking, but not nearly as jarring as the image of Toby in a do-rag. That's just something you can't un-see. 

Quote of the Night: "I'm not as dumb as I am," spoken, of course, by Happy Endings' Alex. (MVP of the show's stellar third season, in my book, which is the only book that matters, obviously.) 

Congratulations Are in Order: First up, let's raise our filled-to-the-brim wine glasses to toast to Jimmy and Sabrina finally getting hitched on Raising Hope! (Though if Hope's mother is still alive, which was revealed in the episode, doesn't that mean Jimmy is technically still married? I don't know, I'm not a scientist.)  Next, let's take a moment to congratulate Happy Endings' Penny and Pete on their engagement. (Year of Penny, suck it!) Happy tears all around. 

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