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Happy season finale night, American Horror Story fans!

Asylum wrapped up its run (and all its storylines) with an episode that took place for the most part in present day and from the point of view of our heroine, Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson). From her perspective, we found out what happened with Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), Kit (Evan Peters) and Monsignor Howard (Joseph Fiennes). Plus, Johnny (Dylan McDermott) gets the one-on-one time with his mommy that he's always wanted. Since this episode was all about concluding the Briarcliff residents' stories, let's break down this recap by character, shall we?

Lana Winters: Our tough cookie reporter is giving an interview in present day about her long and legendary career for a Kennedy Center Honor piece. We find out that that she did succeed in taking down Briarcliff, and after that she's had six best-sellers and is considered the only journalist men will open up to (stars, world leaders, scorned politicians, for example). She's also in a loving relationship with a beautiful opera singer. Seems like her life has been everything she desired.

During her interview, she talks about what became of other Briarcliff people (but more on that later). She also uses the interview to reveal that although she said in her book that her baby with Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto) died in childbirth, he was actually alive. She only saw him once after giving him up, on the playground after she stops a fight between her son and a bully. It's a moment where we see a glimpse of regret in Lana's eyes about giving up her only child.

After the interview in present day is over and everyone leaves, Johnny comes out from hiding. He killed a production assistant in the morning in order to sneak into her house. And like he promised viewers last week, he is there to kill his mother. Lana, of course, wasn't about to let that happen, and she manages to talk him down after he puts a gun to her head. Just when you think mom is going to embrace her son and forgive him for his sickness, she puts a bullet in his brain, thus ending the Bloody Face saga for good.

Monsignor Howard: After Lana's succeeds in closing Briarcliff, she goes after Timothy Howard, who was by that time a powerful figure in the church in New York. Lana confronts him with cameras about the experiments Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) performed on patients. He refuses to speak with her, but the guilt apparently gets the best of him, as he commits suicide soon after.

Kit Walker and Sister Jude: After Briarcliff is shut down, Lana goes to see her old pal Kit to ask what happened to Jude. She brings her camera crew, but Kit only wants to speak to Lana, off the record. Kit reveals that he started visiting Jude in the hospital on a consistent basis, and eventually he brings her back to live with him. He nurses her back to health the best he can, but it's his kids who actually help the most. They take her into the woods and presumably the aliens do something to bring her back to (almost) normal. But we never see exactly what they do to her.

After six months as part of Kit's family, Jude dies peacefully warm in bed. Kit eventually remarries, and makes Lana the godmother to his children. When Kit turned 40, he developed terminal pancreatic cancer. His days were numbered, but Lana says that he seemed very peaceful before the end. And then Kit just disappeared. No one knows why, but a flashback shows us that the aliens came back and took him. For what reason, we don't know. But let's just assume it wasn't for probing.

There you have it, AHS watchers. Did you think it was a satisfying ending? Or do you still have burning questions that need answers?

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