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One of the biggest boy-band collaborations is coming to a city near you!

The guys from New Kids On The Block, Boys II Men and 98 Degrees have all come together for the blowout summer tour which kicks off May 31 in Connecticut, but before the boys hit the road, they sat down with E! News' Alicia Quarles to talk about the Package tour, how it came about and, of course, the screaming fans.

Which has got to be getting old by now, right? Wrong.

"It never gets old, never gets old. Feels the same," the group answered, with Jordan Knight adding, "We love it, that's why we do it—one of the reasons."

Donnie Wahlberg then made the distinction that, "Men and women are different. Men go onstage and women scream, and we wanna hear it forever. Women walk down the street and a guy goes, ‘Yo, yo, yo!' Girls get sick of it. They don't wanna get hit on."

Well, he has a point.

As far as getting these groups together, Wahlberg shared that, "This was the discussion, there was no reaching out to 20 groups and see who wants to show up. It was, ‘Let's put this tour together with these three groups,' and fortunately, we were able to make it all work."

And regardless of how busy each singer was with their personal life or other jobs, this was an offer they couldn't refuse.

"The opportunity to be a part of something like this," Jeff Timmons said, "I mean, you're talking about groups who have, collectively, sold hundreds of millions of records, and of course, we all have families and stuff like that and we're gonna hopefully bring them on the road, but it's just an opportunity that we just couldn't pass up, I don't think."

Nathan Morris then simply stated, "This is one of those one times, where all men fall in love with one woman, which is music."

Make sure to tune in to E! News for the full interview tonight at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

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