Kim and Kourtney Take Miami

We're just one episode into the brand-new season of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, and already there's so much to talk about! Kim Kardashian gets a little pre-pregnancy taste of motherhood, Khloé Kardashian Odom pries into Kim's divorce proceedings, and Scott Disick gets his groove back.

Things aren't looking so great with the Miami DASH store, though, which has Kourtney Kardashian ready to fire everyone who works there. It's no wonder that Khloé decided that everyone needed a bit of stress relief this week.


Mind Your Own Business: These sisters are close, but with that closeness comes the possibility of overstepping boundaries. First Kourtney gets annoyed with Kim for inviting Scott to Miami without her permission, and then Kim gets a taste of her own medicine when Khloé starts talking about Kim's divorce behind her back. They were only trying to help!

Mind Your Own Business, Literally: The girls are in Miami to check out the state of their DASH store, but they're met with an unwelcome sight: clothes all over the place, crowded racks and even a fire hazard in the back room! Kourtney threatens to fire everyone, but instead they work with their employees to fix things up. Will they need to move the shop to a new location?

Find a Release: With Kourtney stressing about the store and Kim not stressing enough about her divorce (in Khloé's opinion), Khloé decides it's time for a little bit of stress release. Her idea: break some plates on the balcony. "This doesn't do anything but waste plates!" Kim protests, but she's on board with it soon enough.

Strollin' Ain't Easy: Kourtney has the adorable Mason and Penelope with her in Miami, and is quickly finding that taking care of them both without Scott around is pretty tough. Even taking the stroller or the car seat out is an ordeal. But Kourtney insists that Scott would only stress her out more thanks to his tendency to party hard when he goes to Miami.

Lord Disick is Back: Poor Scott is banned from Miami at first on the orders of Kourtney. But knowing that Kourtney is having a tough time with the kids, he shows up anyway...sporting a beard and looking, to quote Khloé, "like a caveman." It doesn't take long for Lord Disick to get his swag back, though, and it helps that Kourtney shipped his Rolls Royce out for him, too.


"If you wanted to marry someone for press, wouldn't you have married someone who was actually popular?"—Khloé

"You kind of are a bottler."—Khloé

"Why are you guys dressed like Cyndi Lauper?"—Jonathan

"Miami, Lord Disick is back!"—Scott

"I cannot wait for you to have a baby and see what it's like"—Kourtney

You'll get your wish very soon, Kourtney!

Tune in Sunday at 9PM for the next episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, only on E!

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