So tell us how you really feel, Elizabeth Hurley?

While strolling earlier this week through Perth airport in Australia with her fiancé, Melbourne Stars cricket player Shane Warne, the model clearly didn't care for sports journalist Caty Price confronting her man about his most recent match.

While Warne kept quiet as Price posed questions, Hurley opted to be a bit more vocal.

After she seemingly tripped while walking past Price, Hurley said, "Oh, gracious me. Don't stand in front of other people."

But that was nothing compared to when Price asked her how she herself felt about the match.

"I feel that you should..." she replied (and all that can be heard) before continuing on with Warne.

As for the part that wasn't picked up by the mic, Price later shared that with folks on Twitter.

"Being pushed by Liz Hurley and then told to f#*k off by her too .. Fair to say the Stars aren't happy this morning," she wrote.

Meanwhile, Hurley tweeted, "Goodbye to Perth!" And, we presume, to reporters, too.

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