Lance Armstrong, Oprah


Everyone knows the road to redemption runs through Oprah Winfrey. But no one said it wasn't going to be rocky.

Lance Armstrong clearly learned that lesson and then some in his two-part interview that concludes tonight, as evidenced by a sneak peek at the finale of his continued copping to doping, cheating and lying about his performance-enhancing career.

And while the OWN TV event has long been touted as no-holds-barred, that apparently swings both ways, as in the preview Oprah doesn't even come close to pulling her punches.

"Was it just you being your cocky, arrogant, jerk self that did the tweet with you lying back with all of those jerseys?" Winfrey queried of Armstrong's infamous tweet last fall, to noticeable flinching from Armstrong.

Also teased for tonight's sit-down was Lance tensely broaching the topic of his sponsor fallout, revealing one of his rock bottoms—at least financially—saying, "It was a $75 million day, gone."

Meanwhile, the scandal-plagued cyclist also spoke of a personal rock bottom, when a conversation took place discussing whether he should continue fronting his Livestrong organization.

"That was the most humbling moment.," he said, recalling the conversation. "'We need you to consider stepping down'..."

As for Oprah, she went right for it, asking Lance if this interview is simply laying the groundwork for a return to the sport, and what he has to say to his millions of (at least onetime) supporters.

"What do you say to all those people who are wearing Livestrong bracelets, to all those millions of people who believed?"

The answer to that and more will be revealed in the interview's conclusion, tonight on OWN.

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