Today, Kristin Dos Santos joined Jason Kennedy and Melanie Bromley to give us all the latest TV scoop, including all the deets on last night's American Idol premiere, and she tells us which judge was the only one to ever stop the show's steady ratings decline.

Plus, we had to talk about the scandalous story that has taken the sports world by storm (nope, we're not talking about Lance Armstrong…yet!). Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o allegedly had a fake Internet girlfriend (who has also fake-died). But now, the question is whether or not Te'o knew about the hoax all along or if he was just the victim of some crazy "catfish."

Also, in football (adjacent) news, AJ McCarron's gorgeous (and real) girlfriend, Katherine Webb is now going to be a Super Bowl correspondent, which many are saying isn't fair to the "real" journalists. Do you think she deserved the gig or was it just given to her because of her looks?

Finally, Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah is airing tonight. While we're not sure what other surprises the disgraced cyclist could have up his sleeve, we're still going to be tuning in to see what he has to say! Are you going to tune in, or have you had enough or Lance and his lies? 

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