Jodie Foster

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Just how much Jodie Foster thought about her much talked-about speech at the Golden Globes is not known exactly, but it wasn't off-the-cuff. She kept to her script.

"It didn't take me too long to write," she told me on the Globes red carpet before any of us knew what she was about to do upon receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

"But there was a lot of whittling down," she added. "I had to do a lot of whittling down."

Considering the Oscar winner's remarks clocked in at six minutes and 47 seconds, we could only imagine how long the original draft would have taken to read.

Interestingly enough, Foster said the most fun she's ever had at the Globes was in 1996 when she presented her good pal Mel Gibson with the Best Director award for Braveheart.

"It wasn't about me," she said. "It was all about him. It was totally fun."

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