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Good news, Scandal fans: The series is better than ever and we don't just mean creatively!

The sophomore political drama's winter return attracted 8.4 million viewers, a series high. That's right, a series high. To paraphrase Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), Shonda Rhimes' series is handling business. Scandal is quickly becoming TV's buzziest drama thanks to its breakneck packing and crazy plot twists. "It's so great to hear that people are loving the show and are addicted to it and into it, because we're just as much into the show," star Guillermo Diaz gushes. "We love it just as much as the audience!"

We caught up with Diaz, Joshua Malina, Jeff Perry, Darby Stanchfield and Bellamy Young at ABC's All-Star party at the 2013 Winter TV Press Tour to get the scoop on what's ahead on TV's hottest drama. Plus, who's getting naked?!

"I think you have to be concerned about any couple in Shonda-land," Malina says. "Nobody's life is safe and no romance is safe!"

Of course, one couple with a lot to lose and a lot to fight over are Cyrus (Perry) and James (Dan Bucatinsky), who are currently in the process of adopting a baby. "People think that's all strategy and manipulation...just because it is!" Perry says of Cyrus finally cracking on the baby front. "I'm looking forward to the little bambino especially if James has to take care of it, then I'm really looking forward to it!" But with James still looking into the voter fraud conspiracy, is the couple's long-term future looking bleak? "I hope they're great for the long-term because I love working with him," Perry says. "They fight really well and they make up well!"

Of course, we couldn't let the guys go without giving us a little tease about their three characters, which Perry definitely delivered on: "For the Scandal fanatics, it's kind of a little quiz: One of us has been naked in a past episode, one of us is going to be naked really soon and one of us a little bit down the road!" Stanchfield adds, "It's far from over with Abby and David."

As for first lady Mellie (Young)? "Maybe now Mellie will have her chance to run things," Young hints.

Scandal airs Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

To hear more from the Scandal cast, including what it was like for Stanchfield and Malina to film that sex scene everyone is talking about, watch our interviews with them above!

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