Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln


With Thursday's Oscar nominations announcement, Lincoln's path to domination isn't just clear, it's been cleared out.    

How the top five categories will go down at the 85th Annual Academy Awards:

1. Best Picture—Lincoln. The Academy went on all Michael Corleone on Steven Spielberg's chief competition, cutting off Les Misérables, Zero Dark Thirty and Argo at the knees. Not that there was anything standing in Lincoln's way before, but now there's less than nothing.

2. Best ActorDaniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln: We could tell you a story of how Denzel Washington or Hugh Jackman could pull this out, but that's all it'd be: a story.

3. Best ActressJennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook: Zero Dark Thirty's Jessica Chastain will be given strong odds, too, but judging by the overall nominations, Oscar voters are more in love with Lawrence's movie than Chastain's. 

4. Best Supporting Actress—Anne Hathaway, Les Misérables: The musical didn't come up as big as expected, but Hathway will.  

5. Best Supporting Actor--Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln: How about for a change of pace, we tell you what Lincoln will not win? Cinematography, Supporting Actress, Costume Design, Production Design and Sound Mixing. Go take its seven other nominations, including Jones', to the bank.  

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