Jay-Z, Blue Ivy

Courtesy of Lifeandtimes.com

Looks like Blue Ivy Carter has been dealt a winning hand.

"Last day of vacation, playing UNO," Jay-Z captioned the latest photo of his and Beyoncé's 1-year-old daughter, posted to his website Wednesday.

Never mind the breathtaking ocean view behind the child in the serendipitously artistic shot, the sun coming through the glass wall leaving Blue Ivy and her adorable curls in silhouette.

The kid's got cards to play! Or scatter on the table and throw on the floor, whatever.

Such things apparently run in the family: Also while in the Bahamas this week, Beyoncé and Jay-Z—who spent New Year's Eve performing in Vegas and New York, respectively—were spotted at the Atlantis Resort's house casino.

They reportedly played a little blackjack and enjoyed some alone time before heading back to their room—and back to their lucky little one.

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