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We will never think of the term "crying over spilt milk" the same way ever again.

On tonight's episode of American Horror Story: Asylum, the writers turned the squirming knob up to 11 with present day Bloody Face, aka Johnny Thredson (Dylan McDermott) revealing his fixation on, er, motherly care. With only two episodes left, AHS is starting to wrap up storylines, while gearing up finale surprises at the same time. Case in point: the situation with Kit (Evan Peters) and Grace (Lizzie Brocheré). Plus, Lana (Sarah Paulson) and Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto) have one last showdown:

Bloody Face's Bloody End: Dr. Thredson takes Kit to see Grace and his child, and they are together just long enough to decide to get married and actually seem happy. Until Child Services comes to take the child away, a ploy cooked up by Thredson to get the confession tape back. Only Lana knows where it is, though. And the only reason she'd take it out of hiding is to take it to the police.

Thankfully, Lana gets her chance. Mother Claudia manages to smuggle her out of Briarcliff as a favor to Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), and Lana leaves with the tape and her patient file so she can properly expose the institution. Thredson can only watch as Lana drives away in the cab, but not before she shows him the tape and her middle finger. It was a truly inspiring moment for those cheering for the reporter all season. But that was not their final encounter.

Later, Lana shows up at Thredson's house with a gun to inform him that the police are on the way. This scene is spliced with present-day Johnny Thredson breastfeeding off a hooker, making sure his mommy issues are front and center. Johnny gets angry thinking about his mom, and starts to choke the hooker, yelling about how his mom treated him. We jump back to Thredson and Lana in his living room, and after a conversation about Oliver having sex with Wendy's (Clea DuVall) corpse, he reaches for his gun. Lana responds by putting a bullet right through his head. Down does Bloody Face for good.

Lana succeeds in exposing most of Briarcliff's secrets (not enough to shut it down, though), and she decides to keep her child moments before her abortion. Months later, she learns that patients in the asylum are disappearing under mysterious circumstances. She is able to convince the police to get a warrant to talk to Sister Jude about what's going on inside, but Monsignor Howard (Joseph Fiennes) claims she committed suicide. Lana doesn't believe him, and neither do we. Of course she's right, Jude is alive, just going crazy in some serious solitary confinement.

After Lana gives birth, she still is hesitant to see her child. But when a nurse brings in her screaming baby asking her to nurse to calm him down, she finally relents. We're still unsure how that causes Johnny to have breastfeeding issues, but I'm sure more answers are on the way in the next episode.

Baby Makes Three: Grace tells Kit that she saw his wife Alma (Britne Oldford) die during her time with the aliens, thought it was an accident and she insists they aren't a cruel species. They were the ones who put a child inside her, after all. After Dr. Thredson's death, Kit was cleared of all charges, and he was able to bring Grace and his child back home. After entering Kit's old house, ready to start fresh as a family, they stumble upon Alma, with a baby that is presumably Kit's. What?!

Burning Questions

  • Is anyone else starting to think Johnny Thredson may not be who he says he is?
  • How did Alma survive? And was Grace blatantly lying, or just mistaken?
  • How is Lana going to get Sister Jude out?
  • Will Monsignor and Briarcliff ever get the comeuppance they deserve?
  • Was this one of the best episodes of the season, if not the best?
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