Snookit & Jwoww

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Guess who's back?! It's our two of our favorite Jersey Shore costars, Snooki and JWoww.

The duo reunited for the second season of Snooki & JWoww which picked up kinda where Jersey Shore left off—JWoww kept dropping engagement hints to Roger and Snooks was ready to pop (seriously).

Snooki and Jionni were experiencing her eighth month of pregnancy with little Lorenzo, but still needed to buy all the furniture for his nursery. Yikes! On top of that, Snooks also had to get used to her new teeth.

Yes, you read that right. In order to obtain MILF status, Snooki went and got Lumineers for a new, bright, white smile. 

"This morning I got Lumineers on my teeth because when Lorenzo sees me for the first time," Snooki said, "I want him to be like, 'Holy s--t, my mom is f--king awesome.'"

Meanwhile, JWoww and Roger threw a party to watch an MMA fight that their friend was fighting in, but ran into a problem when it wasn't playing on Pay-Per-View despite having ordered it already. With alcohol already in the system, Roger was ready to blow up (the guy's been waiting six months for this). But luckily, the fight got back on the tube before anything bad could happen. At least for now.

While watching their buddy fight for the title, Roger and JWoww both revealed something they have in common: They both get so invested into the sport that they yell like they're about to be murdered. It was interesting. And then some drama started.

Already heated over his friend's loss, Roger started getting into it with one of JWoww's girlfriends of 10 years, after she claimed that Roger was a lot nicer when she first met him. It was clearly alcohol-driven, and we could barely understand what the two were arguing about, but after a couple "shut ups" from JWoww, Roger left so things could cool down.

Finally, it was time for Snooki's baby shower, held a "classy joint," or country club. We saw some familiar faces attend, including Jersey Shore's Deena and Sammi, and of course, godmother JWoww, who was hungover from the night before.

Unfortunately, Jionni, who was playing golf with his buddies on the same resort, suddenly fell ill. 

So when a worried Snooks calls up her man to see why he didn't end up showing at the baby shower, he lets her know he's at the hospital. Gasp!

And that's where tonight's premiere ended. Ugh.

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