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Here's why we like these gloves: Anne Hathaway is wearing them.

Don't get us wrong, we have no particular attachment to Hathaway. Her fashion choices are fine. Her pixie cut, while not exactly the French revolution that people insist it is, neither offends nor electrifies us. No, we like these gloves because it's winter and negative 75 degrees in the sun in New York City, and we've finally found one star who knows how to dress for the occasion.

Are Anne's checkered gloves a bit dowdy? No: Katherine Heigl is dowdy. The gloves are cozy. And, with their gingham pattern, delightfully unexpected.

Let Jessica Chastain go ahead and contract pneumonia on her Oscar campaign tour. We love Anne for showing that you can wear weather-appropriate clothes and still show a little check, er, cheek, in the fashion department.

Unless we're totally wrong. Tell us below!

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What do you think of Anne Hathaway's black and white gloves?
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