Celeb of the Year -2012 -R2

And just like that, half of the Leading Ladies competing for the title of E! Celeb of the Year have been eliminated. Hey, it's a brutal business but the glory's worth the bloodbath, right? So did your favorite actress get a call back...or find herself on the cutting room floor?

We paired off 16 of the biggest big screen names in an NCAA-style bracket for Round 1 and now present: The Elite Eight.

So far? The franchise gals are just fine. Kristen Stewart (Twilight), Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) and Emma Stone (Spider-Man) easily beat the likes of Charlize Theron and Jessica Biel. But how will they fare when they go head to head with each other? It's K.Stew vs. Ms. Stone now!

As for upsets, nothing too crazy yet. We must admit we were a bit surprised Selena Gomez bested America's Sweetheart Jennifer Aniston. And apparently Anne Hathaway's sweet Les Mis tunes trumped Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive Mila Kunis.

Now from eight to four. And the choice is yours!

2012 Leading Ladies 2.1
Game 2.1

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2012 Leading Ladies 2.2
Game 2.2

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2012 Leading Ladies 2.3
Game 2.3

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2012 Leading Ladies 2.4
Game 2.4

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