John Travolta

AP Photo/Evan Agostini

John Travolta: spiritual healer?

The Savages star and Scientologist claimed he helped a car-crash survivor who was suffering from pain from a broken ankle, by using a Scientology procedure called "an assist," according to Scientology publication Celebrity Magazine.

In the story, reported by Celebuzz, Travolta related the incident to the mag, saying, "I was in Shanghai recently at a work event and the Master of Ceremonies' best friend had recently gotten into a car wreck. He had broken his ankle and was in constant pain. I asked him permission to do some Scientology assists and he said, ‘Okay, sure'."

"People were standing around watching as I did them," the Golden Globe winner continued in the article titled "John Travolta: Stayin' Very Alive." "You could actually see him confronting the pain and after a while he looked up at me and said, ‘I feel better,' so I said ‘Okay, end of assist.' He had gotten noticeably better and I was chomping at the bit for more."

A source at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center told E! News Travolta wasn't claiming to have cured the crash survivor of his ailments, but that the religion's "assists" help the body's natural process of healing itself go at a more rapid pace.

Travolta's rep has not yet returned requests for comment.

—Additional reporting by Maureen Heaton

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