Kayte Grammer


Kelsey Grammer and his wife may have already flouted convention when it comes to their baby daughter, but did they just flout the law, too?

Just weeks after the pair caught some flack for toting 4-month-old Faith to a Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion, a paparazzo shot video and photos of the family getting into their car at LAX yesterday and driving off with Kayte Grammer holding the little one in her lap rather than strapping her into a car seat, as California law requires.

But while the pictures don't exactly lie, Grammer's rep insists they don't tell the whole story, telling E! News that Faith was secured in her safety seat before they left the airport grounds.

"I am not an attorney, so I cannot commit on any legal aspect. I just know that the original footage that aired strongly implied that they left the airport without a car seat, which was not the case," says Grammer's rep, Stan Rosenfield.

"In an attempt to avoid the paparazzi, they exited through the upper level," Rosenfield added. "Kelsey went back in and got the car seat and met them at the car. Did the car drive a few yards without the car seat? Yes. At no time does the video show them leaving the airport with the baby not in the car seat."

Ironically, a photo of little Faith taken at the Playboy Mansion showed her fast asleep in her infant carrier, the kind that doubles as a car seat.

—Reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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