Shaun White, Mug Shot

UPDATE: The Olympic snowboarder's charges of public intoxication and misdemeanor vandalism have been dropped, according to People.

If he stays on the straight and narrow and cleans up his act, Shaun White will skate all right.

The snowboarding champ has agreed to a plea deal with Nashville prosecutors that will see him seek alcohol treatment, perform 24 hours of community service and pay restitution in exchange for having charges of public intoxication and misdemeanor vandalism against him dismissed.

Shaun White charged with intoxication over bang up hotel behavior

Per published reports, the Nashville District Attorney's Office confirmed White appeared in court today, though no word exactly what plea he entered.

The case stems from the 26-year-old's Sept. 16 arrest at a Nashville hotel when police allege he pulled a fire alarm, forcing all the guests to be evacuated, and then was caught destroying a hotel phone. When cops arrived they found the two-time Olympic gold medalist banged up after he fell into a fence evading a fellow citizen who tried to stop him from fleeing.

Shaun White talks hotel meltdown

The Flying Tomato was taken into custody and ended up hospitalized with a minor cut to his head and a shiner under his left eye.

White later apologized for his antics and suggested it be a lesson to fans, telling E! News "Be careful and, you know, live your life and make mistakes, but not too big of ones."

A lawyer for Shaun could not be reached for comment.

Originally published Nov. 7, 2012 at 12:59 p.m. PST.

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