Prashant Gupta / FX

American Horror Story's second season just added a smoldering CW hottie, and we're not mad about it in the least.

We've confirmed that AHS has tapped a new (and very attractive) face to play a recurring role next season. So who will be appearing on the FX hit alongside the likes of Jessica Lange, Adam Levine and Zachary Quinto?

Chris Zylka!

Last night at the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man, the Secret Circle star had a very exciting secret to tell E! News.

"It's true!" he gushed to us after we asked about the AHS rumor. "We're not allowed to give out any specifics, but the wonderfully talented Ryan Murphy has let me announce it tonight that I'll be joining the cast next season."

Damn those secretive CW kids! However, a show source reveals to us that he will play Daniel, the most beautiful boy in the world and a deaf mute. And as previously reported, season two will take place in the '60s at an East Coast mental institution, run by Lange.

Last night, Zylka also tweeted about accepting the role, saying: " Pleased, honored, humbled, and thrilled to announce that I'm joining the cast of "American Horror Story" next season."

And lucky us, last night he told us we were fourth in line to get the good news. "This is the first word," he says. "I think I told my mother, my brother and my girlfriend."

To see how adorably excited he gets when he tells us the news, plus hear more about his role in Spider-Man, check out our full interview with Zylka below!

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