Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence

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Dear Ted:  
I don't understand why all these stars are so disrespectful. I just saw on a video Josh Hutcherson dropping f-bombs and Jennifer Lawrence slamming PETA and skinny girls. Do they not realize they are supposed to be role models? PETA is a great organization and, if you are going to curse, try to be more aware of the cameras that are watching you. I am a huge fan of these stars and I think they are incredibly talented, but I do think they could be way more respectful toward their viewers and realize that people judge their character based on how they act. Could Jennifer Lawrence's careless words and Josh Hutcherson's potty-mouth bring an end to the young viewers and their parents' love?

Dear Bad Taste:
Look, A, of course I agree with you saying that Jen and Josh are role models. They are two of the hottest young H'wood forces around. But with being an entertainment zenith comes the responsibility of being yourself. If you lose that, you lose everything in my opinion. So, let's let Josh and Jen just be who they are—whether we always like it or not. I'll take that over fake, red-carpet plastic any day. P.S. Jen hardly "slammed" PETA and I've heard much worse mouths than Josh's. Lighten up.

Dear Ted:  
What's the scoop with Glee? For most of the year, you have been saying Dianna Agron would say adios to the popular show that launched her into fame. But the producers have kept it really quiet. Actually it seems to be one of the best kept secrets in Glee history on who is leaving or returning. Are there any "leaks" behind the scenes on if Dianna and other unconfirmed Glee cast are coming back as regulars or guest stars next year? From a curious D.A. fan!

Dear Glee Goss:
I know I've been saying it for an eternity, but I still predict that Dianna's doomed. I mean, come on, she's in a wheelchair, where the hell do you think that's going? (Not any place good.) Otherwise, Lea Michele's for sure staying around. Less solid perhaps would be Naya Rivera unimaginable as her absence might be. Just saying because Naya gets herself involved in a lotta office politics that Lea never bothers herself (or others) with.

Dear Ted:
What exactly is the deal with my fave vamp Alexander Skarsgård and my favorite leading lady Charlize Theron? Is this relationship the real deal? Or is it more of a friends with benefits situation? Both their careers are pretty hot right now and with little Jackson to take care of, does Charlize even have time for anything more than some loving on the side? I need to know!

Dear Needy:
Darling, you sound like you'll implode if you don't find out what exactly Charlize will be doing with her lips and love life for the next 20 years! Remember this: Charlize and Stuart Townsend were together a very long time not that long ago. Many people thought they would marry (including, for a time, Char and Stuart themselves). So, a year later, if Charlize wants to take her time with a hot stud like A.Skars, let her! And, as you said, she does have some other priorities right now like Jackson.

Dear Ted:  
You have thrown out Lily Collins as a possible Ana for Fifty Shades, but what about her delicious Mirror Mirror costar for Christian? I can't help but think the tall, perfectly chest-haired charmer, Armie Hammer, is a perfect fit. Would he ever accept a role like this?

Dear Hammer-Time:
He damn well should if he were offered...I'll say that much! It's actually not a bad idea. Remember, as awful as J. Edgar was, really the only redeeming thing was Armie playing the emotionally (and sexually) starved BF to Leo DiCaprio. So, let Armie go the total opposite direction with the debauched lead in Fifty Shades!

Dear Ted:
Oh Teddy. You naughty darling. Got my friends and me all excited by introducing us to Fifty Shades. We're having fun debating who should play Christian. My first thought was Henry Cavill—trim, gorgeously scruffy, perfect hair and you know he has no problem showing some skin! I'm warming up to Alex Pettyfer, too. Let's not fight but Hayden Christensen just isn't manly or intimidating enough.

Dear Quick Caster:
Don't write off Hayden so fast. Trust me, he has more than what it takes to conjure up wicked, sexy-evil whenever he feels like it!

Dear Ted:
Is it true that Ryan Gosling is close to starring in the A Star Is Born remake with Beyoncé?

Dear Don't Count On It:
Beyoncé is much more of a possibility starring in Clint Eastwood's Star is Born remake than is Ryan. As hot as a duo like that would be. But, if you think about it, that coupling suits a remake of The Bodyguard much more. For Star, I'd cast a well-know A-lister who's been less heard from lately than somebody like Gosling. Colin Farrell, for instance. Better more obscure wild card for the tragic role, if you ask me.

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