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Don't worry, American Horror Story fansseason two is going to be just as freaky as season one.

How do we know this? We got our hands on some casting scoop that gave us chills just reading it. Better start preparing yourself for some "twisted" antics now! And because we're greedy, we also found out some big Grey's Anatomy finale intel as well as some bromantic season five True Blood that should make you downright giddy.

Plus, we've got scoop on Smash, New Girl, Grimm and more in today's installment of Spoiler Chat...

David: I'm dying for anything on American Horror Story season two!
The FX show is currently casting some pretty freaky and attractive roles for season two, including a contortionist and "the most beautiful boy in the world." No pressure! Plus, the hunt for Adam Levine's fiancée Teresa, aka the other half of "The Lovers," is underway. (Note: Jennifer Love Hewitt need not apply.)

DevonCarruthers: True Blood please!
Sorry, Sookie (and fans of the love triangle), but this is the season of the bromance! "There's a bit of a bromance between going on this year between Eric and Bill," Alexander Skargård tells us. "It's fun because I love Stephen Moyer to death and after four years of butting heads, this is more like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. We have a common enemy and we have to team up this year."

Diane: Please tell me there's hope for Robin and Barney on How I Met Your Mother!
While this probably won't ease your anxiety, we can at least tell you that you will learn the identity of Barney's bride at the end of the finale, so no cliffhanger there! "A big thing is revealed at the end. We get to meet Barney's wife," Cobie Smulders confirms to us. "That's a big reveal. I'm excited for fans to see that." Obviously, she wouldn't spill if Robin is the wife-in-question, but simply tells us, "That's my dream: I hope Robin finds love."

Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Greys Anatomy


Pickmeforever: Grey's Anatomy finale news please. Who's in danger? We need names please!
We can't name names, but we can possibly give you a location for this finale of doom. Sources tell us that the Grey's Anatomy cast was recently filming up in Big Bear. For those of you loyal readers who aren't familiar with all the Southern California mountain retreat, it's also the location that they shot Derek and Cristina's fishing vacation. So do you think this woodsy location is for the dream house or a site for a bear attack? Or both.

Benny: Me needs Grimm scoop!
Based on what we've heard about the Grimm finale, fans might want to have a pillow handy while watching it so they have something to throw. "We might lose somebody," Russell Hornsby tells us. His costar Silas Weir Mitchell adds: "There's a lot of danger and there's a lot of cliffhangers. Like, [with] every storyline there's a perilous ending, so there's a lot of balls in the air and everybody's got something to worry about." Yikes! Consider us officially worried, too.

Tanner in Lake Tahoe, Calif.: I need answers about Community's fate ASAP!
Woah! Let's just take a deep breath in…and let it out. Clearly you have not seen this where we speculate that particular puzzler at great lengths. Trust us, the second that we learn more you'll be the first to know. In the meantime, we've learned that Donald Glover could be transferring from GCC to The Big C! Oh yes, when we asked Gabourey Sidibe who would be her ideal beau on the show she gushed, "Perhaps Donald Glover from the show Community because I'd also like to get up on that." Hmm, we wonder how Abed would feel about this not-so-subtle request.

Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilty, Smash


Emily from Bridgehampton, N.Y.: Anything you can tell us about the Smash finale?
A showrunner switch isn't the only shake-up the NBC hit will be experiencing: fans can expect to see a new Marilyn take over the lead role of Bombshell…again! "It's anybody's role and it will change again," Megan Hilty teases. "It could be Ivy. It could be Karen. It could be Rebecca. It could be another person." As for how guest star Nick Jonas' character Lyle West, who is one of Bombshell's investors, will feel about the change? "By the season finale, I think he's very happy with what happens with the show." Hm…

Laura in Malibu: Some New Girl scoop is always appreciated!
Tonight's all-new episode "Backslide" is filled to the brim with so many hilarious moments that we highly suggest that you don't drink any beverages while you watch it. Unless of course you actually like cleaning Diet Coke off of your TV/computer screen, then go for it! Justin Long is back (praise the TV Gods!) and we'd be perfectly content just watching 22 minutes of his ugly cry. According to Jess, "It's like a slow-motion sneeze" and it's glorious. Oh and let's not forget that Schmidt is still currently out of order…down there, and you will be amazed at the lengths that Cece will go to keep him turned off.

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Christina Dowling & Leanne Aguilera

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