Dianna Agron

Donato Sardella/Getty Images

Our Glee teen queen's all grown up!

Dianna Agron turns the big 2-6 today and she‘s already gave us a sneak preview of her adorable birthday bash.

Surprise! It's just as sweet as the singer.

Gal had a circus-themed birthday bash over the weekend with bestie Taylor Swift. T.Swift tweeted an adorable instagram photo of the girls making silly faces and donning circus-inspired costumes.

Agron's kept us entertained on the boob tube as Quinn Fabray on Glee for the past three seasons. The blonde beauty's also making her transition to the big screen—she starred in both I Am Number Four and The Hunters last year.

No word yet on how Dianna plans to spend her actual birthday.

We've got an eye on Taylor's instagram for all the latest on her BFF's big day!

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