The King of All Media is now the arbiter of all talent.

NBC has released a sneak peek of Howard Stern's new stint moonlighting as a judge on NBC's hit summer series, America's Got Talent, and judging by the excitement the shock jock's presence alongside fellow panelists Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne is generating, the new season ought to draw even more eyeballs than years past.

"I'm a huge fan of the show. I've been asked to do a lot of different things in my career and I've avoided them. But something appealed to me with this. I sat at home on my couch and I'd sit there and judge," Stern says in the clip.

Proving how important the Peacock views the radio man to ratings, NBC moved the production this season to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark to accommodate his day job on his SiriusXM show.

But don't worry, Stern fans—your idol will remain as unpredictable as ever, even if TV standards require him to keep the expletives to a minimum.

"I think he brings honesty, I think he brings edginess, and I think he brings the unexpected," noted Mandel. "So when you ask what I'm expecting, I'm expecting the unexpected."

One thing viewers can expect from Howard, however, are high standards in judging the acts looking to win the million-dollar prize and a Las Vegas headlining gig.

"You know, I gotta stick to my guns," adds Stern. "We gotta get the very best talent. I don't want to go buzzer crazy, but I'm going to be a strict judge and I gotta stick to that."

We'll see if he holds to that promise when America's Got Talent premieres on May 14.

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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