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Our residents are all grown up and off to San Francisco to take the board exams, but even that simple task is not without some major problems. Steamy hookups and an all-out brawl are just the beginning of the Grey's Anatomy drama. 

We hope you've sharpened your pencils and have extra blue books because it's exam time! Actually all the No. 2 pencils in the world couldn't help them now. 

Who gets sick, who is sexed up and who doesn't even make it to the test? Find out now: 


Crying and Punching: April (Sarah Drew) really was a basket case! From crying to punching to hooking up with arguably the hottest TV doctor, April really is on an emotional roller coaster. And we know she's lost her mind because she promptly kicked Jackson (Jesse Williams) out of bed. The afterglow went from sweet to awkward very quickly. Not only did she lose her virginity, but April also dropped the bomb that she lost Jesus' love. Will that cause her to fail her boards? Or will the traumatic realization that his mom hooked up with Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr.) cause a mid-exam meltdown for Jackson?

Opposite Sides: This episode only convinced us that the core relationship of the show is truly Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). We loved the old-school Grey's with Cristina helping Meredith during her worst hour. Nothing says friendship like a surgical mask and IV fluids. Similar to laying down on an OR floor, Cristina doesn't leave Meredith's side. Something not as great is their breakup scene. If Cristina leaves Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Seattle, she'll also be leaving her person, Meredith. 

Tortured and Tongue-Twisted:  "I miss you" and "I need you, Lex" are things we actually dream about hearing from Mark (Eric Dane) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) these days. And if we close our eyes and forget the context, then tonight's episode was heaven. That is until Lexie cries. It absolutely killed us when Lexie finally admitted to Derek that she still is in love with Mark. She was just so desperately sad that we have to convince ourselves that it's a matter of time before they reunite. If Chyler Leigh cries, we cry. P.S.: How amazing is Derek as an older brother to Lexie? 

Final Hour: After being a mega-douche and stepping away from Morgan (Amanda Fuller) and baby Tommy, Alex (Justin Chambers) decides to step up and be a friend during his last hours. While this may not be the perfect timing (remember the board exams?) it was nice to see Alex have a moment of clarity and maturity to help Morgan through this time. There is hope for you yet, Karev! Except maybe not to be a doctor, because he misses his call for his exam. 


"They started off with so little promise, it's like witnessing a miracle." —Bailey (Chandra Wilson)

"It takes a village, and this village is all full of doctors." —Callie (Sara Ramirez)

""You stay right where you are, Typhoid Mary." —Alex

"Yeah, bitch, I want to go!" —April

"And there are bears.  And the bears have knives!" —Callie


The Loneliest Number: One resident will fail their board exam, and Sarah Drew says it will, "create a lot of drama amongst all the residents." We saw Alex fail to make it to his exam tonight, but could he end up coming in under the wire while someone else fails? 

Countdown to Cliffhanger: There's not much way around the finale facts. "We know somebody dies. It's really really intense. Everyone bawled their way through the table read for the finale," Drew dishes.  And most unsettling, "Everything is up in the air at the end of the finale." Death and a cliffhanger? We're going to need some therapy over the summer. 

How did you like this episode? Who do you predict is on their way out? Will Lexie admit her feelings to Mark before it's too late? Hit the comments!

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