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When you're put on a network alongside a hot vampire drama and an epic medieval fantasy, it's hard to believe HBO's show about four young women in New York is getting so much screaming attention.

And no—we definitely don't mean Sex and the City!

We're talking about Girls, the new series—created by its lead, Lena Dunham, and produced by Judd Apatow—that tells an honest story of four friends working interning, dating hooking up and making it trying to make it in New York City. 

One of the most common criticisms of the show is how poorly the boys on Girls are portrayed. Dunham's character Hannah's pseudo-boyfriend is controlling, kinky and inconsiderate; whereas Allison William's character Marnie's boyfriend is submissive and boring.

Of course, people aren't too thrilled with how the girls are being portrayed either; in the opening scene of the series, Hannah is cut off financially from her parents and subsequently panics.

So far, critics and viewers alike have been quick to call Dunham's Hannah "self-involved," "entitled" and "naïve." Maybe we're bias because we're in T-town, but we think you can be doing a lot worse! Lindsay Lohan is only one year older than—not to mention two DUI arrests and three trips to rehab ahead of—the 24-year-old character.  

Girls has been attacked for what isn't there, too—mostly in terms of the complete lack of diversity—and just about everything else. You know, even stuff that doesn't really matter to the show—like the stars' parents and Lena Dunham's body figure.

Luckily, we don't think that any of this criticism is going to stop Hannah Lena from doing her thing! We love the damn show.

After all, if a girl can survive more than seven days in New York City without a job or help from her parents—we're pretty sure she can handle anything!

So let us know, Awful Readers, do you think Girls is being treated unfairly?

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