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The mood Wednesday night at American Idol was nothing short of electric, and it's safe to say anyone would have killed for our seat behind the judges table to watch what could possibly have been the best opening performance on Idol ever. Seriously amazing!

While the show kicked off with a bang, there were a couple bumps, including an accusation that one contestant has been feigning illness to get out of extra video shoots. So what did the contestants have to say about it after the show, who would have hosted if Ryan Seacrest really had called in sick, and what new alleged romance was sparked backstage? We got the scoop!

The Hollywood rumor mill was running wild Wednesday after TMZ reported that Ryan Seacrest, who has never missed a night hosting Idol, might not make it, due to falling ill with a bug that's been going around. Everyone was wondering who would anchor in his place. In the press tent after the show, we saw footage rolling of show producer Nigel Lythgoe practicing what looked and sounded like television hosting. Whoa!

Fortunately for Idol fans, any worry of not having Ryan melted away when he took take center stage to kick off the show. Introducing a phenomenal Queen medley with the top six, accompanied by original Queen members and rock legends, Brian May and Roger Taylor, it was more than memorable for contestants and fans alike. 

We were lucky enough to be seated right next to Brian during the show, who seemed impressed by the first round of the singers covering Queen songs, but it was obvious he favored Elise Testone. Her cover of "I Want It All" was the only one that had him tapping his toes, smiling and swaying back and forth. Wow! Talk about a compliment!

Although Idol was full of good vibes, exceptional performances and positive feedback from the judges, the video packages of the contestants spilling secrets about each other took a wrong turn when Joshua Ledet accused Phillip Phillips of faking illness to get out of Idol video shoots. While it's not a secret that Phillip suffers from kidney issues, Joshua assured us his words were not meant to lessen the severity of Phil's condition. 

"He is definitely sick," Joshua told us. "I think he comes off as he's not, but he really is. He's always smiling and joking around so you think, 'OK, you're joking around, but you're sick?'" When we have to do shoots and he gets to stay home, he kind of throws it in there and we're like, 'OK, shut up, you're faking it.'"

Phillip confirmed the videos were more for show and really hold no honest meaning behind them.

"They put us in a room and said, 'Talk bad about one another,'" he spilled. "It's nothing serious. We're all close. We have no hard feelings for one another. I have been sick. I'm not acting sick. It's been a past rough few weeks so I'm pushing through it."

Well if there's one thing that lifted Phillips spirits, it was special attention from Ryan's girlfriend, Julianne Hough, who, turns out, confessed a little crush she has on Phillip when they met backstage!

"I think she got all giddy," he told us. "I ain't complaining—she's a gorgeous woman!"   

But before you start thinking the pair are a hot new couple on the horizon, Phillip assured us Ryan is better suited for Julianne.

"Ryan's and awesome guy, so they're an awesome match."

Another eliminations takes the competition down to five Thursday night! Who do you think will be going home? Do you think Phillip and Julianne would make a cute couple? Sound off in the comments!

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