The Amazing Spiderman

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The Amazing Spider-Man is a little more than two months away from unspooling in theaters, but Spidey senses are already tingling over the 3-D blockbuster's toy tie-ins.

But do they offer up any clues about what moviegoers can look forward to in the highly-anticipated reboot?

Amazing Spiderman Electronic figure


At today's Time to Play event in New York City, Hasbro unleashed a few new playthings featuring everyone's favorite webslinger. The toys swing into stores this spring.

Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man Electronic Figure is a 10-inch Spider-Man that features light-up chest insignia and a web launcher that enables our hero to fire three different web projectiles.

No word if the triple-threat launcher makes an appearance in the film, but it's worth pondering the possibility. Particularly since The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb returns to Stan Lee's original comic book vision that has Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) building his own mechanical webshooter, instead of having Spider-Man shoot webs through his wrists as in the first three films. Whatever the case, the action figure sports movie sounds—including iconic Spider-Man phrases—and retails for $19.99.

Spider-man Mask

Hasbro also unveiled its The Amazing Spider-Man Hero FX Mask, which includes light-up eyes, sound effects and movie phrases for kids' role-playing fun. It retails for $19.99 as well.

Last but not least, Mavel and Activision have teamed up with Canadian-based Beenox Studios to develop The Amazing Spider-Man video game, which will hit stores on June 26, ahead of the movie's July 3 release date. But not to worry, fanboys—it doesn't give anything away in terms of the plot, though it is set within the New York City universe which the filmmakers have created.

The game also purportedly continues the flick's story, serving as an epilogue of sorts. And with the blessing of Marvel and Webb, it introduces new villains mined from the Spider-Man comics including Rhino, Iguana and Black Cat—which likely means we won't be seeing them on the big screen until the 2014 sequel hits theaters. 

One thing gamers playing our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler have going for them is the ability to zero in on various targets in the city skyline. With the click of a button, Spider-Man will swing right over to that chosen spot, increasing manueverability. Also, players can utilize a slow-motion mode to fully take in Spidey's nimble moves.

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