Katy Perry, Russell Brand

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Dear Ted:
You have hinted that Russell Brand was bad for Katy Perry and that she is better off without him. He spoke recently about drug addiction and drug policy. He spoke both candidly and eloquently and made valid arguments regarding the nature of addiction and recovery. Which makes me wonder: Russell appears smart, self-aware, drug-free and without ego, so what made him so bad for Katy?

Dear Just Say No:
It has nothing to do with drug use, past or present, Bon. As for the latter, there is no present drug use, as far as I'm aware—Russell is clean (which also clears him in that regard when it comes to his Vice habits). Russell and Katy just had very different outlooks on life and, as much as they loved each other, probably weren't ready for everything that came with tying that knot.

Dear Ted:
Do you think there is such a thing as the Disney Curse?

Dear the Mouse Trap:
The so-called Disney Curse is the belief that young stars that get their start with Disney are doomed to both personal and professional struggles. But I don't think it's a Disney thing, per se; life is tough for any kid in Hollyweird! And there are plenty of kids who leave the House of Mouse unscathed. Just ask Ryan Gosling (who was a Mouseketeer) or Selena Gomez even!

Dear Ted:
What's up with no female-directed films being in the running at Cannes this year? Not a single one! I am personally getting sick of sexism in the mainstream media as I recently saw a disturbing documentary called Miss Representation that really bought this problem to light, so how do you feel about this? Love ya!

Dear Who Runs the World?
I hear you loud and clear, J, and couldn't agree more! It's a damn shame that women aren't given the same opportunities in this town that dudes are, especially when they're certainly competent enough. Which is just one reason I wanted Catching Fire to nab a strong female director.

Dear Ted:
I just saw a clip of Rosie O'Donnell ranting about Lindsay Lohan and she needs to take off her rose-colored glasses and see Liz Taylor for the very human being she was. Lindsay is perfect to play Liz. I would first like to say that I was a big Liz fan and think she was the most beautiful actress and a wonderful humanitarian/philanthropist. She was also an admitted homewrecker, went to rehab for drug and alcohol problems, partied hard (there are pictures of her at Studio 54 with Liza Minnelli) and was married eight times.
—Miss P

Dear Preaching to the Choir:
Well said, Miss P! And it's exactly what I've been trying to tell everyone all along! Liz was quite a party girl back her day—heck,  she may have even put Lindsay's partying to shame (admittedly, Liz didn't have LiLo's legal record). But more on this in a second.

Dear Ted:
I hope things are going well with you and the family (doggies)! I have to say, I find nothing sexy about Ryan Gosling (I know, don't kill me) for the roll in Fifty Shades of Grey. He's got great abs, but so did Mike Tyson in his heyday. Ryan is not beautiful. He's alright, but Christian is beautiful. Mouth-watering gorgeous! Now I doubt that Robert Pattinson would ever do Fifty Shades but I really love the choice you mentioned before, Hayden Christensen. Hayden fits the roll to perfection! He is mysteriously beautiful, sexy and believably bed-able. I hope Universal really looks at Hayden if Robert doesn't want to do it. So here's for Team Christensen for Fifty Shades!

Dear Love/Hayd:
I already let go of my hopes of seeing R.Pattz take on the mysterious Mr. Grey (you should too!), but I'm definitely warming up to Hayden Christensen. No one has seen him in years—which will only make his portrayal more alluring—but is Ian Somerhalder pretty enough for ya, P? He's interested!

Dear Ted:
Are Smash costars Megan Hilty and Nick Jonas dating? If they are, it's probably just to drum up interest in the show.

Dear Cougar Town:
Despite the youngest JoBro's track record with older ladies (looking at you, Delta Goodrem!), these two aren't seeing each other. But the way Smash is going, if they were dating, I'd probably be more excited to watch.

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