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The U.S. has finally been L.A.'d, but was it good for you? The CW is hoping so!

The L.A. Complex, the CW's Canadian import, premiered tonight and introduced viewers to the young Hollywood hopefuls living and partying it up at the Lux, an apartment complex à la Melrose Place. The only difference? It's a run-down hot mess, which goes perfectly with the equally messy lives (professionally and personally) of its inhabitants.

Now that you've met the up-and-coming actors, producers and comics living the dream in L.A., it's time for you to tell us if you'll be giving The L.A. Complex a callback!

"There's an old saying: When there's vomit on the piano, it's time to end the audition."

Seriously, how can you not love a show that has someone utter that line to a vomit-covered actress? Look up guilty pleasure in the TV dictionary and there should be a picture of The L.A. Complex.

The actress who tossed her cookies on her favorite director during an audition? Abby (Cassie Steele), who moved her from Toronto to live out her dreams only to find herself living out of her car. Things look up when aspiring comedian (and total Seth Cohen Jr.) Nick (Joe Dinicol) brings her to the Lux where she meets several other younguns trying to make a go of it in Hollywood. The players? Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson), intern at a record label who wants to become a producer; Alicia (Chelan Simmons), sweet wannabe backup dancer/stripper; Raquel (Firefly's Jewel Staite), former child star desperate to reclaim her former glory, and Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore), the devastatingly handsome (and damaged) actor who recently moved out of the Lux after landing the lead role on a medical drama (think McDreamy!).

Slick, self-aware and sassy, The L.A. Complex is a delicious peek into the inner workings of Hollywood and (young) adulthood as we watch the Complex Six (like that nickname) navigate their blossoming careers and complicated love lives. Of course, this is the CW we're talking about, so there's a love triangle, natch: Nick falls for Abby immediately, but makes a crucial mistake in introducing her to his successful and handsome BFF Connor, and the two hook up about five seconds later. Ouch!

Fun fact: The L.A. Complex was originally intended to be a Degrassi spin-off with Steele reprising her role as fan favorite Manny Santos!

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The L.A. Complex?

Now it's your turn to tell us what you thought of the series premiere of The L.A. Complex! Vote in our latest Save It or Sink It poll above and then head on down to the comments to chat about the new show with your fellow TV lovers!

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