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Dear Ted:
What do you think of Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence's chance of winning Best Kiss this year at the MTV Movie Awards?

Dear Steal With A Kiss:
Do I think that Team Peetnis should win Best Kiss? Probably not…at least not yet. But do I think that they have a pretty good chance? Absolutely. Let's be honest, The Hunger Games have had a big year and an even bigger following, so it's practically guaranteed a nomination. But I don't think they'll be able to best Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, especially since the spit they swapped in Breaking Dawn was as newlyweds.

Dear Ted:
You know I love you. I honestly do. And therefore I am begging you to dial down this Blake Lively love before I'm forced to do something truly heinous to you, like strap you down and make you watch the entire run of The River from ABC (or even better, The Love Boat's final season). Blake is somewhat talented. This is true. However, "somewhat talented" and "perfect for the Grace Kelly biopic" aren't exactly synonymous. As someone who was raised with Grace Kelly as an ideal, Blake is rather lacking. Please stop trying to sell me on it.

Dear Headache for Blake:
Too much love for Miss Lively? Please, I've certainly been pretty hard on the chick in the past. And while I certainly don't think Blake is perfect for every role—um, you did see The Town, yes?—I think she and Ms. Kelly have enough in common that she'd totally get in the right mindset. Plus, she'd look friggin' gorgeous. There's no debate on that, right?

Dear Ted:
The newly announced Cannes Film Festival lineup has me wondering, how do they choose? Is there a panel that actually sees the flicks before choosing, or is it all about speculation, potential and a dash of hype? Other than some early cred, I'm curious as to what this means for some of the more anticipated selections (you know who!). Has a group of experts already judged them worthy or is there still potential for utter disappointment? Thanks!

Dear Best He Cannes Do:
As you probably guessed, they can't let just anyone into Cannes; there are not only specific requirements to submit your film, but also a screening process to determine what makes the cut. However, that isn't to say that there haven't been disappointments in the past. So what does this mean for the beloved Robert Pattinson? It's definitely an overall good sign for his career—but that doesn't mean a good movie! (We're still keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best, though!)

Dear Ted:
What in the world has gotten into you? This is the second week in a row you've contradicted someone who has made a statement against Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! Are you on their payroll, or what?

Dear Bribe and Groom:
For the millionth time: What good does it do anyone bashing a couple for tying the knot because their kids want mommy and daddy to get married? I may have defended Angie on some things—like being happy about her engagement (how dare she!)—but I also called them out on others, like their backpedaling on the commitment to marriage equality! No paychecks being swapped (or blingy rings either), Janet, I am just calling it like it is.

Dear Ted:
I'm a longtime reader, but I've never emailed you until tonight. Watching Community, it hit me...Alison Brie would be the perfect Ana in Fifty Shades of Grey! She is brunette, blue-eyed, and has the perfect intellectual, beautiful and innocent look. Agree?!

Dear Shady Lady:
I adore Alison and think that she has the right look, class and attitude to pull off Ana. The only thing that's really hurting her is her age; sure, she plays a younger character on Community, but the almost-30-year-old actress might be just a little too old to play Ana.

Dear Ted:
Just wanted some clarification. In the past, you said Taylor Lautner's career is "in a funk." Reading that worried me a bit, since I'm a Taylor fan. I thought that he was doing well, because of the Twilight series and Abduction. I was just wondering, how exactly is his career in a funk?

Dear Taylor Made Career Move:
Well, now that he's added Grown Ups 2 to his IMDb page, he at least has a project to get busy with. And we're happy he's branching off into comedy; we'll see if he has the chops to make it work. Because sure, Twilight is huge (but it ends this year, Kath) and Abduction was…well, let's not go there. Maybe Taylor's funny bone will give his career new life—in fact, he's probably betting on it.

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