Giuliana and Bill Rancic have shed more than their share of sad tears on their lengthy and often rocky road to baby. Now it's time for some happy ones.

While the stellar couple officially announced this morning that they're expecting their first child this summer via a gestational surrogate, Style Network cameras were present for the tear-jerking moment that the reality show stars discovered the life-changing news.

Get your tissues ready.

"We've got the pregnancy test," Dr. William Schoolcraft, their fertility specialist and founder of the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, tells the couple on the phone. "It's uh…completely 100 percent positive. She's carrying a baby."

"Oh my God," says an immediately emotional Giuliana.

"Everything went as well as I could have dreamed. Congratulations," the doctor adds.

"Thank you, we're so happy, thank you so much," the E! News host says through tears of joy.

And, understandably, relief.

"It's just shocking, you know, I thought I would scream, like, 'Yay!'—now I'm screaming 'yay'—but it was just like, 'Wow, finally,' " the 37-year-old explained of her reaction on The View this morning. "It was very emotional, it was just so exciting."

"There was a lot of pressure because Giuliana was starting some cancer treatments and they'd said, 'You've got to be on the bench for five years,' " added Bill. "So we had two embryos that were frozen, and if they didn't take, we were out of the game. This was it."

Luckily, this resulted in the successful pregnancy of their surrogate, who is due later this summer—just when, exactly, is one of the happy pieces of information that they are, for now, keeping to themselves, along with a due date for their long-awaited arrival.

"It's a secret, we want to see how long we can keep it a secret without letting it slip somehow, because we've gotten very close many times," Giuliana said.

That, and a possible name for the Rancic family addition, which they've already been pondering.

"I've been thinking about names since I was a kid," Giuliana told E! News. "Back then, I probably wanted to name my daughter Bubblegum or something ridiculous."

Bubblegum Rancic? We've heard weirder.

"At the end of the day, we just want a healthy child," the 40-year-old papa to be said. Then, referring to the abundance of Italian names on Giuliana's side of the family, added, "We'll try to keep [the name] American."

"Something that's not too common, but not weird, either," Giuliana added. "We don't want a weird name."

The couple has already revealed that they were matched with their gestational surrogate through their fertility clinic in Colorado, and describe their carrier as "wonderful."

"We are very close with her," they said, adding that their relationship will play out on their Style show, Giuliana & Bill.

In any case, while there's currently no lack of excitement in the Rancics' lives, one of the highest priorities on their list was sharing their happy news with family and fans.

"Our families are so excited, they're over the moon," Giuliana said. "We're just so excited to be able to tell all the viewers of the show and people who've followed our journey for so long."

"It's been tough keeping it secret, we wanted to share it with the world, we wanted to share it with all the viewers who watch the Giuliana & Bill show and shared this journey with us," Bill said. "So many people have been praying for us and we certainly appreciate all the prayers. As we said earlier, this is our year, the year of the Rancics. Good things are coming."

Correction: miraculous things. Congrats again, you two!

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