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Oh, snap. They really are graduating!

This week's Glee—which just so happens to be a truly touching Whitney Houston tribute, drives home the point that we fans have been trying to deny: The show as we know it is about to change. Forever. (Ever...Ever...Ever...And if we had a loud speaker with an echo-y sound effect that would have sounded much cooler.)  

I just screened tomorrow night's Whitney episode of Glee, and can tell you it is not to be missed. Here are five things you can expect:

1. You'll Get So Emotional, Baby: As Quinn, Rachel, Santana, Finn, Kurt, et al. prepare to say goodbye to McKinley High, they use the songs of Whitney to express the difficulties they are having in letting go. This leads to a really fantastic Santana and Rachel scene, an Emmy-worthy Kurt-Burt scene, and a surprising twist on who's having the hardest time saying goodbye. 

2. Stellar Performances: Along with that "chilling" rendition of Whitney's "How Do I Know?," Chris Colfer gives what is arguably his best performance yet with "I Have Nothing." A perfect song for him. Also perfect? Cory Monteith's dance-centric rendition of "I Want to Dance With Somebody." What's that? You think that sounds properly terrible? Well, good thing we are kidding and it's actually Heather Morris Zinger! And it's just as much fun as you'd hope it to be.

3. Lots and Lots of Wemma Wedding Talk: Wemma fans, rejoice! 

4. A Core Couple "On the Rocks": A certain fanbase is going to be put through the emotional wringer with this episode. It's not right, and it may or may not be OK, people!

5. An Inkling of What's to Come Next Season: When someone starts talking about a certain event in November that just might bring the whole Glee gang back together again (seniors too!), my mind can't help but snap immediately to the presumption the producers have a November sweeps reunion up their sleeves. That said, because they are floating that out there now, that probably won't be it at all. And so we'll keep guessing how season four will all shake down. 

In the meantime, make sure you tune into Fox on Tuesday for Glee's Whitney Houston tribute. It's just the right mix of Glee goodness and a well-crafted tribute that is tastefully done.

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