Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston

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It might be time for Angelina Jolie to take a page from Jennifer Aniston's book—at least when it comes to wedding photography!

While you've certainly seen Angie's giant rock by now, it'll be a whole other story when it comes to seeing one half of Brangelina in her wedding gown. Not to mention Brad Pitt in his tux and their kiddos in various forms of formal attire. 

But with the whole world watching, how could Brad and Angelina possibly keep their wedding photos a secret? Robert Evans—who photographed Pitt and Aniston's wedding and runs the website—explains how:

"When I did Brad and Jen, we went out on the cliff area in Malibu and there were people walking next to us with big shields, because of the paparazzi in the helicopters," Evans (who's also done weddings for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton) tells E! News.

"Stuff like that, it's a little more challenging on my part, because of the privacy issues I don't have the freedom to shoot where I want to…We can't be in the open."

And even with the added stress, Evans claims that celebrities aren't any more demanding than a regular bride and groom! 

"Not really. That's one of the nice things, I've always been given the freedom to do what I want," he reveals. "I've always been treated well with every celebrity wedding I've done. I've never felt like hired help. I've never gotten attitude or anything, even from the celeb's 'people,' which is unusual."

Especially when it came to shooting his first celebrity wedding: Yep, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston!

"I didn't know I was doing it until two weeks before the wedding! I heard on the radio!" Evans recalls. "I was sitting in my office, and I freaked out and laughed and cried, I couldn't believe it, and I was so happy that I had that two weeks to prepare."

I met Brad and Jen on Thursday, we talked about the details, I went to the rehearsal on Friday to get comfortable, and then I shot the wedding Saturday.  With Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, I met Miranda a year in advance, which is unusual. Usually it's last minute. Tom and Katie, I met a couple weeks beforehand."

As for the groom himself, the photographer only had the kindest things to say about Mr. Pitt:

"Brad was a super nice guy, he let me do my job. There were times when I was timid, when I was practically in his face while he was concentrating on something important. I asked him if it was ok and he said, 'Do whatever you want!' He was very respectful. I couldn't have asked for a better experience."

But with an estimated $10 million bounty on Brangelina wedding photos, will the internet be flooded with peeks at their special day? Probably not! 

"Ownership of photos is transferred over to the couple," Evans explains. "They control what they want to do with them, who they want to sell them to. With Brad and Jen, only one photo was released…In hindsight, I'm glad there weren't more released, because I wouldn't want a bunch of photos out there again."

Oh, and if you're wondering whether Evans expects to shoot the Brangelina wedding as well? He's not holding his breath!

He admits to us, "Here's my thoughts: If you take the whole celebrity thing out of it, I would say no. Would the new wife want anything to do with the previous wife's wedding? It would be an honor, but I'm not counting on it."

When it comes to keeping her big day a secret, Angie will want the best of the best...We're sure she can overlook a few uncomfortable connections, right?

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