Adam Levine

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Dear Ted:
I know he doesn't act but how perfect would Adam Levine be for Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey?

Dear True Holly-hunk Story:
Doesn't act? Tell that to Ryan Murphy, who's giving the Maroon 5 rock star a gig on the next season of American Horror Story (which certainly guarantees we'll be seeing much more of Adam soon, if you do catch my drift). But why don't we see how that sexy boob tube stint goes before we ship him off to the big screen? You intend for Christina Aguilera to play Anastasia Steele, right?

Dear Ted:
Darling, me and my rescue Bender, need to know: We saw Kellan Lutz saying he would love to be a part of The Hunger Games. What do you think of him as Finnick? Yay or Nay? Also, we totally agree with another reader Keegan Allen would rock it as Young Haymitch!
—Love, G&B

Dear Catching Fire Fever:
That would be the most logical fit were he to join The Hunger Games gang, wouldn't it? He has Finnick's copper locks and he has all the buffed up muscles the role requires. But don't think for a second that the franchise will allow any Twilight crossover. Sorry, Kell!

Dear Ted:
We know that there are plenty of Disney "kids" on your Vice list, but how about the teen/young adult actors from Nickelodeon? Any Vicey-ness going on over at SpongeBob's channel?

Dear Child Stars Gone Wild:
Hmm, you'd certainly assume so, wouldn't you? Especially with Nick alum Amanda Bynes making some seriously scandalous headlines lately. But it's the Disney gals who truly know how to create good drama. Just ask Miley Cyrus…or Demi Lovato…or Selena Gomez

Dear Ted:
So I read some gossip that said Lea Michele and Dianna Agron were fighting and not speaking to one another. I know the two don't hang out as much as when Glee first started, but this sorta sounds false. Dianna doesn't seem like the type to cause set problems and Lea, even though she's a diva, she is the undisputed star of Glee. Can you say if there is any fighting going on with these ladies and if so, what caused it?

Dear Faberry Smackdown:
This old rumor again? Sure, the former BFFs aren't quite as close as they once were, but it's because they simply grew apart (they're very different ladies, after all, and opposites don't always attract) and not because of any cat fighting.

Dear Ted:
So after watching Dianna Agron get Punk'd, I have come to the conclusion that she is the nicest and sweetest celebrity. So would this be a fair assessment of the gorgeous actress? Tell me she's not some fake diva in real life?

Dear Good Girl Gone Better:
Reality TV was actually pretty close to reality…this time, at least.

Dear Ted:
The smartest thing Robert Pattinson did was to never confirm a relationship with Kristen Stewart. A few blurry photographs of them together does not make them a couple. When they 'split' after Breaking Dawn Part 2 premieres neither one will have to release a statement since it was never official. Prepare now because in the next few months all the media outlets will be reporting that they are 'having trouble' so the split doesn't upset the sheep. What's pathetic is that the sheep will still believe that Robsten was real instead of the PRmance that we know it to be. 
—Nonsten and Lovin it

Dear Simple Science:
Have you ever heard of Occam's razor, doll? It says that sometimes the simplest solution—ya know, that two, young kissing costars might just actually like each other—is the one to go with.

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