Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

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Dear Ted:
I definitely think that Brad Pitt designed Angelina Jolie's ring and I think they are really engaged to get married. And I definitely think Angie wanted everyone to know they are getting married. But, most important, I think that Brad and Angie's careers and egos will always take precedence over their children's stability and happiness.

Dear MissInformed:
C'mon, don't you think you're being harsh, babe? What bride doesn't want everyone to know she's getting married? Or groom, for that matter. It's a happy time in their lives and, despite being one of those couples who talks about wanting their privacy, it's fine to celebrate a bit. As for your assumption, I think they have already proved that wrong by, for one, having only one parent working on a project at a time.

Dear Ted:
Would you put Robert Pattinson under the "good guy" or "bad boy" category? Or maybe a mix of both?

Dear Fifty Shades of Grey Area:
Hmmm...definitely a mix of both. But leaning toward the latter—in the best possible way. Follow that?

Dear Ted:
I know some of the Desperate Housewives ladies have Blind Vices, but I'm wondering about the guys. One in particular: Shawn Pyfrom? Are you going to miss the ladies when the series ends?

Dear And How!
Those ladies have given me some of my juiciest Vices yet and some definite fan favorites, too (including a Vice this year that hasn't been revealed). The B.V. annals just won't be the same without Wisteria Lane. The women, mostly, as none of the men (Shawn included) have nabbed a moniker.

Dear Ted:
Congrats on being the first with the Alexander Skarsgard and Charlize Theron news (I guess the NYPost confirmed it). I'm so glad he is dating an accomplished and charity-oriented woman for a change. Anyway, I need help: How do you convince a landlord to let you rescue a pup? Thanks for the fun!

Dear Blond & Blonder:
Love them as a couple. Hopefully they'll be stepping out more soon, but if I know Skars, when his private life starts going public he gets even sneakier. As for your puppy problem, that's a tough one. Ask very nicely (and with cookies too, maybe). If all else fails, show 'em some green…for a pet deposit, of course.

Dear Ted:
How about Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Dear Blood-Red Room:
He could basically just take the persona he plays on The Vampire Diaries—especially all that sexy bad-boy stuff—and use it in Fifty Shades, couldn't he? And we all know Ian isn't opposed to showing off his bod.

Dear Ted:
I love reading your column, but have to admit that I am not very good at guessing the Blind Vices. I'm going to take a quick stab at a guess, though. Is Harriet Talons Jane Lynch from Glee? I so desperately hope not because I absolutely adore her.
—First Time Guesser

Dear Real-Life Sue Sylvester:
Hardly! Jane is a doll. And the patience on that woman?! She should be considered for sainthood.

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