Genevieve Sabourin


Geneviève Sabourin has something to say.

In case you're unfamiliar with who Sabourin is, let's play a quick game of catchup. Sabourin is a French-Canadian actress who was restrained in New York last week for allegedly stalking Alec Baldwin.

Ah, yes, now you remember.

After being arraigned on aggravated harassment and stalking charges in Manhattan Criminal Court and having a temporary restraining order issued against her, the 40-year-old speaks out...

"I feel like I'm still in prison," she told Journal de Montréal. "I feel like a fugitive, like a hunted animal."

"I'm on the run, I'm scared. I pay for everything in cash so I don't leave a trace. Imagine if the press finds me while I'm moving? I don't want to become Lady Diana on the road."

The actress was taken into custody after allegedly trying to contact the 30 Rock star at his Manhattan apartment.

Sabourin is expected to appear in court in NYC for a hearing on May 14.
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