Gerard Butler

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Dear Ted:
What do you make of Gerard Butler's constant, post-rehab partying? Not really good for someone who's trying to stay clean and sober, is it? Is he already off the wagon? Your take?

Dear Keeping It Real:
I actually think Mr. Butler's doing quite well. True, he's been hitting the party scene fairly often as of late—he was most recently spotted at Coachella last weekend—but he's been sober at every soiree thus far. And trust me, there are plenty of other possible reasons the dude's eager to attend so many A-list events. Like, um, the ladies, perhaps?

Dear Ted:
I've been reading that Lea Michele and Dianna Agron are fighting and not having any contact outside work. It's this true? Because some time ago they were the closest of the cast members.

Dear In Perfect Harmony:
Don't know where you heard about the "feud," but methinks it's simply one of those ever Glee-ful rumors. Dianna and Lea adore each other—they've even tweeted photos together in honor of the Faberry fandom. Now, that doesn't seem like they hate each other, does it?

Dear Ted:
I'm sorry, but I don't believe for a moment that Brangelina have been designing the ring and planning this engagement for a whole year. More like Angelina Jolie saw the pics of her legs being photoshopped onto Meryl Streep's chicken and they threw something together to try and swing the PR back their way. They haven't had the best year, what with Angie's movie getting very little notice, much less praise, and Brad Pitt's idiotic comments in Parade Magazine. Now all the obvious photo ops of Jolie with her hand posed rigidly to show it all off? Please tell me: Do you think a lot of this is simply because they got burned a lot this year? I swear they ran out and bought that ring the night after the Oscars, and paid the jeweler to rave about its design. It all smells so...fake. As per usual.

Dear Conspiracy Theory:
Pretty harsh, C, and hardly a way to celebrate such a happy engagement. Like I've said before, I truly believe Angie and Brad's brood is at the heart of their decision, not some ploy for publicity like you suggest. And, uh, why don't you believe Brad helped design the ring? Call me crazy but after seven years and six kids, B's probably pretty in tune with what Angie likes.

Dear Ted:
How about Camilla Belle for Ana in Fifty Shades? Love ya.

Dear Just a Pretty Face:
Sorry, E, but I don't think Camilla's cut out for the big-screen erotica role. I'm just not convinced she has what it takes. I'll stick to my original suggestion—Lily Collins—who I think is par-fait for the part.

Dear Ted:
I love all the fantasy casting and I wanted to join in! Fifty Shades of Grey—what do you think about Josh Bowman as Christian? He is so gorgeous and I think he can play dark as well! My second choice would be Armie Hammer. I am in love with both! As for Ana, I may be very far off, but what about Zooey Deschanel? She has the big blue eyes and, more important, the wide-eyed innocence that Ana needs.

Dear Casting Blues:
Love the doll in New Girl, but Zooey's 32! Even those baby blues aren't enough to turn the clock back to Ana's college age. As for Bowman? He's a little too frat boy next door, in my opinion. Armie's definitely your best suggestion. Keep 'em coming!

Dear Ted:
Do most celebrities seek out or at least know about the gossip/rumors out there? I've read that some celebrities claim not to care about that, but are there any who truly don't pay attention to the gossip? Thanks!

Dear Sticks and Stones:
It's almost impossible not to pay attention to the tabloid talk, but some of Hollywood's hottest try really hard not to care. Michelle Williams is a great example of a gal who ignores the goss, whereas, say, Demi Lovato, not so much. Best thing to do is not let it get to you, or you can always take the genuine good-girl route like Taylor Swift or Lily Collins.

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