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The dancing duel off may have shook things up on Dancing With The Stars, but the eliminated contestant was far from a surprise.

Chosen by the judges to say good-bye to the dance floor and hello to the sidelines as the competition moves forward, it was an easy exit surprisingly full of laughs and fart jokes!

So what did the stars have to say after the show and was dance duel really that bad? We got the scoop!

There's no doubt Tuesdays are going to be a bummer on Dancing With the Stars—eliminations sucks and will leave everyone feeling a little down in the dumps. However, when we caught up with Gavin and partner, Karina Smirnoff, they were still smiling and even joked about the real reason Gavin signed up for the show in the first place. 

"The fact is this, I signed up for it and it requires a lot of time and a lot of work, a lot of effort and loads and loads of dedication," Gavin told us. "I did this more to have a great time, pick up a couple of steps, hang out with a beautiful woman instead of living on my bus with a bunch of other smelly musicians."

 All kidding aside, Gavin gave all the credit to Karina Smirnoff for making it as far as he did. 

"I love Karina Smirnoff," he gushed. "I love her. She's a great dancer. She's amazing for taking on the challenge of teaching me a couple of the easy versions of the things she knows how to do amazingly well. When Karina shows you a move you think it looks really easy and you're like, 'OK, I'll try those shoes on.' The shoes are big my friends, the shoes are very big. It's hard to pull those moves off!"

Speaking of their bond, Karina insisted on clearing things up about a certain fart she admitted to on-camera during a recent rehearsal. 

"I have to set the record straight," she laughed. "I don't fart. [Gavin] has this joke that he says to me repeatedly about every three hours or so in rehearsal. He goes, 'I have a secret.'  I finish his joke and I say, 'I farted.' which I didn't! They only played that line [in the video package]. I promise I didn't! That's what I'm taking away [from this experience].

And while the dancing duel may have looked more than a little nerve wracking, Gavin and Karina said it was nothing but fun and there are no hard feeling between any of the contestants.

"I had a good time," Gavin said.  "The dance duel was like a grudge match without a grudge. We all like each other on this show, so you're going out there with really soft gloves on. I think it added a great entertainment element to the show, I think it was a lot of fun."

Karina agreed and said it was a good way to leave the show on a high note. 

"We kept laughing from beginning to the end," she told us. "While we were standing opposite Kym [Johnson] and Jaleel [White] we were just laughing and everyone was making faces. I think it was meant to be scarier than it actually was. I had a blast. It was our last dance I had no idea what to expect, but I thought we did really good."

Are you sad to see Gavin go? Did you love or loathe the dancing duel? Who are you rooting for to win it all? Let us know in the comments!

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