How about a little back-and-forth to spice up your Tuesday?

Apparently, an upcoming unauthorized Simon Cowell biography mentions that Sharon Osbourne left The X Factor due to an alleged hot and heavy affair between Cowell and Australian singer and TV personality Dannii Minogue.

Well, Sharon had something to say about that on The Talk today...

"He draws to I left because he had an affair with Dannii. Now, I couldn't care if he was having sex with anything. It's not my business, I don't care, I'm not interested and that is not the reason why I left, and I'm like, pissed off because you've got a whole career, you've got a whole everything to talk about—about your achievements, about what you've done for the world of competition and everything. Why bring Mrs. O into your messing around?"

She continued, "I left because I didn't like that girl. I didn't like working, and I had just…it was at a time when I was newly over my cancer, and I promised myself I wouldn't be in a situation where I wasn't 100 percent happy...When it's not fun, you go, and it wasn't fun." she said.

"He likes to glamorize. He loves attention. He loves all the publicity he's getting. And the thing is, nobody leaves Simon, he fires you."

But even with all that, she still had one more conclusion to draw.

"I think he is a victim of small-penis syndrome."

And that's that.

Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell by Tom Bower comes out this Friday.

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